The part where he ASKED for a soul, rather than had it forced upon him. The part where he earned it. Angel, it’s like the most fair thing in the world, what are you talking about? 

This scene always pissed me off. And its one of many reasons why I could never stand Angel. He’s whining about how Spike CHOSE to get a soul and he was forced to have one. Gee, sorry that Spike is a better vamp AND a better man. Despite being soulless, he chose to do the right thing. To become a better man.

Also, perhaps Spike was able to come to grips better with his past (after being driven insane by the weight of all his bad deeds and the assistance of the First making his life a living Hell), because he fought for his soul. Angel, the point of you having a soul was that it was to be a CURSE for you. A burden. So yeah…logic.

could you please add your opinions in the TAGS instead of the text fields? I get it, you don't like angel, bla bla bla, but always adding hate/dislike towards him in gifsets that have him is getting old. Most of us gifmakers DON'T like that, because it kinda ruins it, not only for people who like him, but also for us. So, please, respect our wish to NOT have hate/dislike in gifsets of characters we DO like.


It’s my prerogative, and my blog, so I’ll do what I want. 

EDIT: I actually have several points to make, about why I consider your request to be unreasonable, but I’m not going to make them right now because I’m very tired, and also for the original answer I just gave. If I was posting “hate” in the Angel tag then you would have a point. As it stands only my followers see it on their dash, and if they are sick of my content then that’s their issue. I’m not forcing them to follow me. 

Plus we should be able to say our opinions on what’s going on in the scene that was gifed or how the scene made us feel.